DiLeaP - Digital Solution

avaldaja Mandarine Academy

Drive the Adoption of New Uses with DiLeaP

This digital service is available in french and english

DiLeaP is a dedicated and customizable training and support platform with a quick and easy set-up. This platform is scalable through its manager space accessible to all leading members of the change management team. This tool is designed to unroll the action plans (communication, training, coaching, reinforcement, resistance management) of support methodologies like PROSCI.
DiLeaP has many features such as: 
  • A communication engine to communicate with users of the platform
  • An administration console to manage all content
  • A recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence
  • Hosting videos in a secure space
  • A gamification system to engage and stimulate users
  • An administration console to track user’s progress and activity
  • The logistical organization of training (through webconferencing or on-site)

The platform adapts to manage any necessary segment of users via a "profile" concept. Different types of resources are available and/or manageable for this purpose, they include: 

  • Videos,
  • Documents, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS... (executable files are not allowed)
  • SCORM content in version 1.2 or 2004
  • Quiz
  • Training sessions: remote and onsite
  • Good practices through a community and associated social network


To encourage the users’ viewing of content, all the above resources can be organized in the form of courses and learning paths (course groupings).