avaldaja Mariner

Spyglass Connected Factory provides alerting/monitoring, OEE analytics & predictive maintenance.

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

When you are hired to improve processes, we know it takes vigilance and constant supervision to make those changes stick.  You shouldn’t spend twice as long collecting the performance figures as analyzing them, and you shouldn't have to deal with fighting fires when you are supposed to drive performance. 

Nobody should have to be distracted by the off-quality and down time issues created when people are letting the process drift, repeatedly making the same mistakes, or ignoring a problem until it is too late. 

Spyglass Connected Factory is your virtual production manager. It constantly monitors for the emerging situations that create defects and slows production. When it detects an emerging situation, it suggests previously approved instructions to your associates to investigate, validate and remediate, thereby maintaining quality and output. Spyglass Connected Factory will also log the performance levels, events and process-compliance metrics for you, so you can revisit and research them at any time. 

Spyglass Connected Factory allows you to spend more time applying your experience and creativity delivering the improvements that your company, its customers and supply chain partners need to maintain their competitiveness