Spyglass Visual Inspection

avaldaja Mariner

An AI, IoT & Deep Learning solution that provides real-time defect detection

Are you responsible for quality inspection? Does your machine vision system create excessive false rejects? To keep yields up, do you have to invest human effort to compensate for the amount of good product your machine vision system rejects?  

We understand how frustrating this can be. It’s a common problem. But what if you could keep your existing machine vision system by giving it a technology boost that leverages AI and Deep Learning? Your existing vision system does a great job of capturing high quality images for quality inspection; it’s the image analysis and processing that lets you down.  Spyglass Visual Inspection provides a way to retain the investment you’ve made in machine vision while dramatically reducing your false reject problem, which in turn reduces labor costs and increases throughput.

Mariner has helped manufacturing customers in automotive glass, automotive interiors, industrial products and other industries do exactly that. By addressing the false reject problem, you can eliminate the need for human inspection and operate production lines at full speed. You can also better take advantage of further automation such as diverter gates and pick-and-place robots.  Spyglass Visual Inspection produces detailed production analytics to drive root cause analysis, and it can also provide automatic alerts when defect frequencies exceed upper control limits.