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Speaker Engagement Platform For Event Organizers & Marketing Managers

Calling all B2B Event Organizers! Managing events can be an impossible task without the right tools to be able to organize and execute properly. That’s why we created Speaker Engage™. Speaker Engage™ is a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform, designed by event organizers FOR event organizers who want to curate and delight speakers & sponsors with engaging communications, content, and logistics to remove the CHAOS from event execution. What really sets Speaker Engage™ apart is that as event organizers, we built a platform to cater specifically to the daily needs of planning and orchestrating events. With our robust curation platform, you can create and centrally manage ongoing interaction to build valuable relationships, genuine partnerships and collaborate to bring great ideas to life rather than relying on disconnected emails, spreadsheets, and texts. Gaining seamless communication through an automated workflow and dashboards, you can spend less time worrying and more time on powering the resources needed to architect, design and deliver the event of a lifetime that amplifies all experiences. Plus, with centralized content management, you can reinvent the way your complex communication systems interact to increase overall productivity. Our platform allows event organizers and marketing managers to:
  • Access speaker influence scores and profile at a glance to manage the approval process
  • Dashboard to manage speaker engagement and experience across multiple events
  • Communication engine with ready to go templates to manage 1:1 and/or bulk communications
  • Enable social media buzz engine for the audience to engage with your speakers
  • Track speaker activities throughout the event and beyond
  • Share AI-powered recommendation to help with selections, networking, and communications to save time and resources
  • Streamlined collection of speaker profiles via web forms
  • Powered by Azure services
If you are looking for a solution to save time and resources while delighting your speakers and community, then Speaker Engagement Platform is the right solution. To learn more, please contact us for a 30-minute demo and explore options to delight your speakers and event attendees. With Speaker Engage™, you have peace of mind throughout the complex execution of big picture event concepts. Together, let's increase your event satisfaction, delight your speakers and creating economic opportunities for your attendees.