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Overturn the way you interact with your customers in physical spaces

getting people's interest in physical spaces is a complex challenge. Time availability and interest is fragmented by continuous strains, getting attention is only the first step to engage customers and fit their needs.

  • Primary challenges: attract audiences by infusing playfulness and personalization into the experience, thereby fostering fresh relationships and unlocking sales opportunities at the deepest end of the sales funnel
  • Ideal solution: engaging customers in meaningful discussions long before they make a purchase offers a powerful chance to create and fortify lasting connections
  • Desired outcomes: rise above the challenge by crafting simple yet remarkable experiential moments that ignite instant conversations, utilizing gamification to deliver that awe-inspiring 'Wow!' factor

Like Browser

is the instant-interactive game-catalogue.

Activate it on any screen in minutes without installing any additional software and place it in the physical space to create engagement through play and by capturing valuable data on your users flows and preferences.

  • Amaze and engage: browse contents left or right with the simple gesture of the hand, recognizes the "like" hand gesture and associates customizable content and call to action
  • Extend the relations: generates on-screen Qr codes that can be associated with your landing pages, to extend interactions even from smartphone
  • Be aware: records key audience interaction information allowing you to intercept its preferences over time

Munogu, Like Browser, and Azure

Advanced interactive tools to create engagement and attention in physical places typically require a heavy design and complex deployment activities that impact several teams.

With instant digital-delivery systems made possible by the Azure Cloud infrastructure, the activation, update and control process is simple, reliable and fast.