Violence detection

avaldaja B.V.

Real-time AI violence detection

Camera surveillance is a rapidly increasing market, which poses a problem for public safety and security. Lots of cameras implies lots of screens to be monitored by surveillance staff. In fact, the majority of crimes still remain undetected. Oddity solves this by providing software that can detect high impact crimes in real-time, 24/7. This is without human or facial detection, thus fully safeguarding privacy.

Oddity already has a proven product, violence detection. We deployed this in three major cities in The Netherlands (Dutch Police Forces in Eindhoven, The Hague, and Den Bosch) with ongoing contracts and cooperation. We are also piloting other anomalies, such as live crash detection (cars, bicycles, and pedestrians). What makes our solution unique?

  • Only company with a viable violence detection algorithm
  • No human detection or facial recognition, GDPR compliant
  • Algorithm can learn all kinds of new activities
  • More than 1000 simultaneous video feeds
  • Compatible with every existing system
  • Always quick and easy to install