Training Bundle for Power BI Fundamentals

avaldaja SkyPoint Cloud, Inc.

A 1-day or 2-day Power BI fundamentals training course, with optional custom data set

Training Bundle for Power BI Fundamentals Overview

Power BI Fundamentals is a rigorous 1-day or 2-day training course for aspiring report developers and data professionals seeking to hone their skills in Power BI. The class is led by SkyPoint Cloud, a Certified Microsoft Delivery Partner, and can include a custom data set*.

The course is designed to walk you through each important capability of Power BI and provide you sample situations to practice your skills. The goal is to build “muscle-memory” for Power BI best practices on report creation and data transformations.

You will learn how to:

  • Follow report and data visualization best practices
  • Transform your data with Power Query
  • Write basic DAX calculations
  • Build an analytical data model

Power BI Fundamentals (2-day) Course Agenda:

Day One – Basic Report Building

  • Introduction to Power BI development stages
  • Introduction to data visualization best practices
  • Building a chart driven report using best practices
  • Lunch
  • Building a table-driven report with conditional formatting and drill through
  • Introduction to publishing
  • Data wrangling primer (extract, clean, and load two Excel tables)
  • Q&A

Day Two – Data Wrangling and Modeling

  • Review of Power BI development stages
  • Accessing Data Sources (Excel sheets/named-ranges, CSV files, and folders of workbooks)
  • Basic transformations of data sources (date/text parsing, filtering, pivoting)
  • Lunch
  • Intermediate transformation of data sources (joining, appending, and data structures)
  • Introduction to dimensional modeling
  • Setting relationships and building simple DAX measures
  • Q&A

Pricing Details:

This course can be offered as a 2-day comprehensive course, or a 1-day condensed course. The 1-day condensed version is meant specifically for organizations that either want to focus on "Basic Report Building" (Day 1 content), or "Data Wrangling and Modeling" (Day 2 content). A custom Power BI dataset will also be included with the purchase

  • 1-day course without data set: $4,500 for 10 students, then $250 per student (per day)
  • 1-day course with data set: $9,500 for 10 students, then $250 per student (per day)
  • 2-day course without data set: $9,000 for 10 students, then $250 per student (per day)
  • 2-day course with data set: $14,000 for 10 students, then $250 per student (per day)

*Custom data set

Customization of the training dataset to match your organization's data environment. This custom data set will easily plug into the PBI fundamentals training material. The custom data set will be owned by your organization and can be used for future Power BI fundamentals trainings at no additional cost, unless changes are requested.