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Support, optimize and manage Microsoft365 investment and enhance overall productivity with 365simple

SoftwareONE understands that a successful workplace transformation requires a combination of people, process and technology working together to enable change. Our 365Simple solution takes the complexity out of moving your business processes to the cloud by harnessing the power of Microsoft365 to enhance the productivity of your employees. Combining the full suite of Office365 via the cloud including SharePoint Online, web-based traditional Office applications, OneDrive and Teams with the power of Windows10 and the security of Enterprise Mobility and Security (EM+S), Microsoft365 allows your organization to take the idea of a future workplace and make it a reality. SoftwareONE’s 365Simple enables you to accelerate the realization of the benefits of Microsoft365 via planning, design, cost optimization analysis, adoption and migration. The benefits of 365Simple are: 1. increased availability with less effort 2. cost optimization 3. reduced risk 4. Customer Success Manager and dedicated support 5. 365 analytics via PyraCloud.