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Digital People™ that use autonomous animation to bring technologies like generative AI to life

WHO WE ARE We’re a leading avatar animation platform that combines advancements in generative A.I. with our industry-defining Autonomous Animation to help brands design human-like experiences for online audiences.
WHY WE DO IT Our mission is to positively transform entire industries, the way we learn, and even the nature of companionship, through A.I.-led tech that’s empathetic and entertaining yet practical. We believe that the more humanity we can infuse into technology, the more good it can do for the world.
  • Digital Characters will be the interface for brands (from celebrities to enterprises) to interact with their respective fans, followers and consumers
  • Digital Influencers, Digital Ambassadors, and Digital Celebrities will be the first digital characters to be widely adopted in the metaverse in promoting brands and lifestyles
Our Hollywood heritage and CGI work in titles such as King Kong and Avatar make our digital people the industry standard.
Our AI powered autonomous animation process is an exclusive feature that removes the need for expensive renders and allows for real-time, 1:1 interactions that scale effortlessly.
We live in a world of profound change which requires new ways of interacting with machines and engaging with people. The new generation of AI systems must help enterprises address these challenges while keeping people center stage: we need systems that positively reshape and transform work, education, healthcare, entertainment, and companionship. We are committed to producing socially beneficial human-machine collaborations.

We are first applying our innovations to redefine customer and brand experience – through digital interfaces and applications ranging from service and support to sales and products. Leading innovators and brands are leveraging Soul Machines’ technology to create amazing user experiences with engaging and emotional connections.

Soul Machines Digital People™ can scale to fit any size enterprise. If you have additional questions or are looking for multiple Digital People™ across a larger deployment feel free to inquire at for a custom plan.