StealthTalk - Secure Business Messenger

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StealthTalk is a private messenger designed to meet high demands of business- and privacy-minded pro

StealthTalk - Secure Business Messenger

StealthTalk is a private messenger designed to meet the high demands of the business- and privacy-minded professionals. Based on a patented SDNP protocol developed for professional use in telecommunications, StealthTalk bridges the gap between professional and consumer security solutions.

Key Features

  • Secure Voice Calls
    Make secure calls with exceptional voice quality, even with slow internet connection speeds based on TETRA over IP.

  • Secure Messages
    Exchange true end-to-end encrypted messages with all sensitive message data encryption and decryption taking place entirely on the user device.

  • Self-Destruct Messages
    Send confidential messages that are erased automatically after a selected period of time.

  • Stealth Mode
    Protected stealth environment for sensitive calls and messages that require users to enter their password to preview messages or receive calls.

Privacy & Security

  • True End-to-End Encryption
    All communication within StealthTalk is always protected with true end-to-end encryption, powered by a patented SDNP protocol that uses ECC 512, AES 256, and SHA-3 512 as primitives.

  • Zero-Knowledge Proof
    StealthTalk knows nothing about the content of your messages or calls. User data is not collected or stored on StealthTalk servers and cannot be analyzed, sold, or disclosed.

  • Professional Telecommunications Technology
    StealthTalk communication security is based on the patented, tried and field-tested SDNP protocol developed for and used in professional telecommunications.