APM 360™ - Asset Performance Management

avaldaja SymphonyAI Industrial

Process information and high frequency vibration data for asset prediction & prescription

SymphonyAI Industrial channels the power of rapidly evolving IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, and big data technologies to deliver industrial insight that provides exponential value to our customers.

By harnessing machine condition data including vibration, oil, thermography, and process operating data, SymphonyAI Industrial provides accurate and predictive information on machine health and performance with an industry leading portfolio of integrated products.

SymphonyAI Industrial solutions serve a broad range of industries from process to discrete to naval and marine.

APM 360™ is focused on optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks. Outcomes include:

· Increased asset availability by as much as 5%

· Reduced reactive maintenance by 10-40%

· Up to 10% in inventory cost reduction

APM 360™ leverages machine-learning based and artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and take into account complex, dynamic behavioral machinery patterns and contextual data relating to the manufacturing process at large.

APM 360™ is unique in that it provides:

· Harnessing of process and high frequency vibrations to AI models for high fidelity predictions and wide fault coverage

· Unsupervised AI models to detect unknown unknowns and not just known defects based on pattern recognition

· Self-tuning adaptive AI models that self-train based on auto-detection of maintenance events and/or major process changes

· FMEA engine for cause advisory and actionable recommendations