KPI 360™ - Actionable Operating Insight

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Monitor KPIs in real-time through alerts, notifications, flexible visualizations, and analytics

SymphonyAI Industrial channels the power of rapidly evolving IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, and big data technologies to deliver industrial insight that provides exponential value to our customers.

KPI 360™ provides a single view of all operations using real-time data from a multitude of sources. Users can quickly monitor KPIs in real-time through alerts, notifications, flexible visualizations, and a range of analytics.

SymphonyAI Industrial solutions serve a broad range of industries from process to discrete to naval and marine.

KPI 360™ leverages our proprietary domain knowledge engine using physics, thermodynamics, and AI. Dashboards, which visualize KPIs with various types of analytical graphics, are loaded with pre-built and user generated KPIs specific to your industry and assets.

KPI 360™ is unique in that it provides:

· Data Acquisition – Connectors to a wide-range of data acquisition systems and an efficient data management system capable of streaming and batch analytics

· Data Pre-processing – Automated de-noising, imputation, and contextualization using advanced machine learning algorithms

· Templatized Pre-built KPIs – Out of the box KPI definitions and visualizations built using decades of industrial experience

· Custom KPIs and Analytics – Bring your own KPIs and analytics and easily add them into KPI 360 to work in stream

· KPI Graphs – Easily identify contributors to KPIs using physics, thermodynamics, and AI-based analysis through a visual graph view

· Alerting – Get notified when KPIs trend towards undesirable regions and notify anyone in your organization immediately

· Domain Knowledge Engines Embedded – Proprietary domain knowledge engines provide a solid grounding in fundamentals for all KPIs