TCS Industry Data Mesh on Microsoft Cloud

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Enterprises are leveraging innovative methodologies for easy consumption of data, reduced complexities associated with large volumes of data and for greater benefits from data. Data rich organizations are looking to solve issues of enormous amount of data assets which are not easily discoverable or standardized to be interoperable across various business domains. They are onto a journey to create data collaborative ecosystem.

TCS Industry Data Mesh on Microsoft Cloud helps formulate new methodologies and transformation to simplify data consumption.We empower all levels of data citizens with a collaborative data democracy thereby accelerating overall data driven journey by leveraging automated services on a unified user experience portal on Azure. We perform data platform maturity assessments and help enterprises with best practices in data platform architecture design and processes. As a result, enterprises can maximize data value with easy accessibility to govern information that can be shared across their business functions at a lower cost.

Senior Business management groups, CDOs, business users, functional groups, technology leads, 3rd party service providers heading towards progressive analytics roadmaps gets most benefits out of it. It is a one-stop solution for organizations at varied data and analytics maturity level which enables them to onboard their journey towards establishing a data product centric ecosystem by leveraging a hybrid approach towards data mesh and data fabric.

We transform enterprises in various ways through consulting and implementation services levaraging our contextual Industry Domain Experience

We have come up with all required features of a data collaborative ecosystem and some of them are:

• A consultative assessment led approach and recommendations for Data Mesh deployment

• A data discovery and ML model driven domain standardization approach

• FinOps based estimation framework to enable customers to envision data mesh cost

• An end-to-end data mesh engagement planning framework

• Data mesh governance plane creation template

• Automated deployment and migration templates for Domain Data Landing

• Self Service Data Product Provisioning via interactive UI

• Simplified view of deployed data mesh and identifying issues

• Automated alert mechanism seamlessly integrating with ITSM tool.

• A visual representation of revenue recognition on usage and consumption

The greater vision towards setting up TCS Industry Data Mesh platform consists of various planes and respective capabilities for example:

• User Experience plane

o Data Marketplace

o Data producer self-service capabilities

Ø Data Product Designer Canvas - Create, Tag, invite consumers, set schedule, drop access, drop data products

Ø Data Product monetization - Define cost model, track revenue and cost

Ø Data Product quality management - View quality issues, Resolve & close issues

o Data consumption self-service capabilities - Discover, List, Request for access, Accept Invitation, raise quality issues, monitor usage cost, Drop access

o Data Domain management - Define roles, Map roles with AD users, Onboard AD users, Automate security policy, Security KPI dashboard

o Data quality management - Integration with ITSM tool, Quality dashboard with KPIs

• Data Integration plane

o Data source connectors/API catalogue - Source data plane, Analytics data plane, Metadata plane

o API/Streaming/Batch Integrations

Our solution helps data citizens to reduce time to insight. It provides data discoverability for data consumers and observability for data producers with power to govern their own data shares.

A unified user experience portal to manage and govern data products enabling data producer and consumers with critical automated solutions.

Few features like below empowers businesses to operate in scalable manner,

• Ability to search data landscape for a specific business or technical search text

• Create data products leveraging Azure data sharing features

• Invite users/approving data product access requests

• Enabling users with a searchable data marketplace

• Ability to enable monetization models and track P&L for both data producers and data consumers

• Well defined estimation & engagement planning with right milestones

• Automated provisioning of common governance & data product plane

• Organizational hierarchy driven governance foundations

• Scheduled mesh health checking framework