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Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner

Manufacturing has seen a paradigm shift, from physical to cyber-physical, and manufacturers across the globe are driving new initiatives within their organization to optimize productivity leveraging the latest digital technologies to address various challenges. This shift has the power to transform the way businesses operate and is expected to have significant impact across the entire value chain.

The TCS Digital Manufacturing Platform is a comprehensive cross industry solution built to enable digital capabilities for an enterprise across four themes of Connected Assets, Connected Operations, Connected Supply Chain and Connected workforce. This solution has been envisioned to be a rapid deployment framework to help our clients realize their aspiration of the Smart Factory, leveraging our Neural Manufacturing architecture.

Product Features:

TCS Digital Manufacturing Platform is one-of-a-kind solution that enables clients traverse a seamless journey of business capabilities from digitization to digitalization and digital transformation. We seek to design a holistic solution to achieve the goal of the future factory.

Features of DMP includes:

· Industry 4.0 Solution Accelerator

· ISA 95 based common framework for data abstraction and contextualization for standardization of data model across plants / industries

· Micro service-based architecture to enable more flexibility to accommodate in customer’s landscape and roadmap

· Ready to use metrics model for plant KPIs

· Cloud Ready for Deployment

· Open Systems Architecture

· Plant application Integration Framework

How we help our customers:

· Engage with customer for business value discovery, rapid assessment of landscape and OT security

· Pilot implementation for quick ROI

· Advisory on Digital roadmap with next set of use cases

· Library of 50+ Industry specific use-cases to enhance Smart Manufacturing capability

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner

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