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Instantly generate a Quality-of-Operations Report using existing quality and yield data

UPDATE:  During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis, ThroughPut is providing the ELITE critical Manufacturing and Supply Chain product solution free for at least 30 days to any customer who clicks on the “Get it Now”-button. 

ThroughPut's ELITE product helps Manufacturers realize the additional Output potential that may be required to meet the Defense Production Act mandates, and to recover faster from lost Output due to COVID-19 and related Reductions in Production Time.  The ThroughPut ELITE Quality-of-Operations product helps you meet your Supply Chain and Manufacturing goals and objectives by tracking-down those ever-shifting bottlenecks and areas of waste to improve efficiencies across your dynamic Operations.  This ThroughPut ELITE product provides Manufacturers with end-to-end visibility across the entire Supply Chain Value Stream, leveraging existing data sets. 

ELITE Key Benefits:

ThroughPut ELITE offers quality improvement and fulfills worker training needs with these capabilities: 

    1. Analyze: Quality Standards across Worker Shifts
    2. Estimate: Financial Savings and ROI
    3. Generate: Unified, actionable Quality-of-Operations Reports that are shareable across your Workforce (as .csv and .pdf files)
    4. Predict: Root-Causes to Inefficiencies (*upgrade to the advanced ELI Enterprise version required)

ELITE provides an immediate Action Plan and Recommendations for better operations with your existing workforce today.

In addition, for those on the front-lines fighting the fallout of COVID-19, or manufacturing for, or supplying to, hospitals, medical providers, healthcare companies, first responders, government entities, The National Guard, critical infrastructure, and related, we are also providing ThroughPut’s entire Enterprise solution, ELI, for FREE for at least 30 days or more during the pandemic, in order to greatly increase the output and flow of products, services and capacity to those facilities, groups and people in need.  

For more information on how to access ThroughPut products, including ELI and ELITE, please reach out directly at:  or refer to our product page at: