Modern Intranet

Veritec Pty Ltd

Our Modern Intranet meets business needs for a flexible, simple solution to ease common pain points.

Our Modern Intranet is built on SharePoint Online and Office 365. It has been designed to make the experience about people, increasing employee engagement and collaboration across your organisation, reducing your frustration with content management and internal communications. Built in features include a fully responsive design, a corporate directory, an interactive employee organizational chart, usage analytics, an office map, bot assistants, and advanced search capability.

Our Modern Intranet solution is industry agnostic and suitable for for any industry vertical. It is also well suited to both government departments and private sector businesses that have more than 200 employees.

Customer need:
During our market research we spoke with many Government agencies and businesses and found a common theme of challenges being faced with their current intranet solution:
- Maintaining outdated content
- Poor searching capability
- Can find information only when the user remembers where it lives
- Can’t filter content that is not relevant
- No mobility option
- Reliant on email as primary communication with staff
- Poor communication with regional areas

Veritec's Modern Intranet has a very easy to use Information Architecture with extensive searching capability built in, and core features that address these common pain points. It has been built as a responsive site and works seamlessly on various applications and devices.