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Turn Talk Into Action At Work. Better Meetings. Better Focus. Faster Follow-Up.

Voicea is a voice collaboration platform at work powered by an Enterprise Voice Assistant named EVA.  EVA is an AI that captures highlights for you in meetings and shares them to create actionable recaps.  With EVA in your meetings you can focus on the conversation and feel confident that highlights and minutes will be captured and can be pushed to wherever you and your team work.  With Voicea you have better focus in meetings and the ability to move quickly, follow-up, and “get stuff done”.
The Voicea platform is great for individuals, but it’s even better for teams.  Voicea enables you to share the meetings with other people on your team through Channels, ensuring everyone has the most actionable information to turn what was said into initiatives and outcomes.  Meeting recaps are provided via our platform, delivered via email, or pushed directly into any collaboration tool you already use.  You control the types of recaps and level of involvement from EVA.