Wipro Endless Aisle

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Wipro Endless Aisle 'buy anywhere-fulfill anywhere' solution, is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Problem Area:
For stores, out-of-stock items mean lost sales as customers defect to online sellers. Retailers are looking for ways to save the sale and not lose customer to competitors. Retailers operate channels in siloes and the customer experience is broken as inventory and sales are tracked separately. There is a need to seamlessly extend the online capability into the store to provide unified brand experience.

Solution Description:

  • With the Wipro Endless Aisle “buy anywhere-fulfill anywhere” solution, can give in-store and online shoppers access to inventory from across stores, online and popup facilities, letting them find and order what they want and have it shipped to their homes or the store without losing sale to a competitor.
  • The Endless Aisle solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is easy to integrate with existing commerce, stores, Inventory and distribution systems
  • In-store Digital Kiosk to interact with the item virtually (not just a QR-code or a listing on website)


  • Reduce customer dropout and lost sales
  • Strengthen customer relationships and loyalty
  • Provide wider (endless) assortment to customers
  • Make the physical store a competitive differentiator in an omni-channel world
  • Provide a customer experience that helps drive sales


  • Retailers do not have to pay the fees typically associated with marketplace solutions
  • Other solutions are limited to the 4-walls (virtual) of the retailer’s inventory; Wipro solution encompasses the suppliers’ inventory as well
  • Ability to transact with suppliers’ inventory (place drop-ship orders). Other solutions are stand-alone and provide view-only access
  • In-store Digital Kiosk to interact with the item virtually (not just a QR-code or a listing on website)
  • Ability to onboard new suppliers very quickly by leveraging our pre-built plug-and-play catalog of suppliers

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