CGI Power Platform - TotEM : 1 day assessment

CGI Inc.

Total Enterprise Modernization (TotEM) by connecting apps to the multitude of systems you use today

Through our TotEM services, we can help deliver the creation of connection links through simple software contracts that allow legacy systems to cooperate with modern systems, thus opening the way to new business models and efficiencies. The application bridges a gap by providing the missing link and covering a wide variety of enterprise integration needs, such as essential functions as well as payload transmission and transformation.

Our fully integrated capabilities provided by our TotEM offer can:

  • Integrate enterprise-wide systems to modern Low-code/No code platforms
  • Bring legacy systems into the digital age
  • Accelerate innovation for the last and most important aspects of your organization
  • Support modern workloads and business imperatives

Note: price to be determined based on scope of assessment

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