Viva Insights: 4 - 6 week collaboration assessment

Habanero Consulting Inc.

The collaboration assessment conducts a broad diagnostic of a company’s collaboration culture and employee experience to highlight patterns and behaviours across individuals, teams and organizations.

Today’s workplace is going through a paradigm shift at hyper speed. Understanding how, when, where and with whom collaboration is happening has become increasingly important as organizations find new ways of working. Running a Viva Insights Collaboration Assessment can provide you with powerful, quantifiable, insights to identify opportunities in meeting culture, manager effectiveness and employee wellbeing.​

By leveraging Viva Insights data-driven and quantifiable insights into our research, we can help your organization identify opportunities and priorities for meaningful change.

Measure what matters:

We will work with you to determine what trends to analyze, where and how to acquire the data and leverage data-driven insights from Viva Insights. This brings a balance of qualitative and quantitative research into your organization so we can analyze what matters most for your business.

Reveal hidden opportunities:

We leverage the quantitative insights from Viva Insights to unlock hidden, yet essential workplace patterns. These patterns can lead to opportunities for learning and improvement, helping you identify the most beneficial areas for action and intervention.

Test and scale interventions:

We know the best way to understand if an idea works is to test it. Our team can co-create low and high-fidelity experiments to test, learn, scale and evolve employee experiences using the insights from our research activities illustrated in Viva Insights data.

Create meaningful change:

Organizational change is no longer about moving boxes on an org chart. Experience tells us you can’t change what you don’t understand, we can help you gain insight into your organization’s behaviors and beliefs using quantifiable data so you can direct positive, sustainable change.

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