Analytics Turbo - 4-Week Implementation

Innovoco Inc

Managed Support Services for Power BI Users + Add-ons + Agile On-Demand . Analytics Turbo offers a comprehensive support plan, automated activities, monitoring tools, add-ons, and consulting services

Analytics Turbo helps companies ensure the sound performance of their Power BI environments and unlock their maximum potential.
Analytics Turbo enables your company to work better, accelerates the value from Power BI, and dramatically reduces support and maintenance efforts.

We offer a comprehensive support plan, automated activities, monitoring tools, add-ons, and industry best practices to get the most out of your Power BI solutions. The following services are included in the responsibilities and deliverables:

  • Daily activities focus on Node Health and Task review considering both live data and historical data. Goal: Provide relevant information on node health and task performance while identifying trends over time.
    -Weekly activities focus on Security Rules, Threshold Monitoring, and License Allocation. -Monthly activities focus on analyzing flags and trends to provide recommendations. Goal: Audit the Power BI environment to take actions, recommend changes, and advise on performance and scalability.
    -Quarterly activities focus on overall maintenance to remove unused reports/dashboards while analyzing App adoption based on telemetry. -Annual Activities focus on planning/reviewing the Upgrade Strategy and Architecture/Scale Plan


  • Write Back Tool
  • Innovoco Machine Learning
  • Qlik to Power BI Connector
  • AAS PRM - Partition and Refresh Manager
  • Library of External Data Sources
  • Workspace Backup
  • OCR Connector

Pricing is based on the BI environment complexity and scope of work considering number of users, number of dashboards and complexity, infrastructure, SLA, required add-ons, and a pre-assessment of support tickets and issues.

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