Microsoft365 Teams Help: 12 Months Implementation of Polish PSTN numbers for Teams Direct Routing and Operator Connect

LoVo S.A.

Support in acquiring Polish PSTN numbers for Teams calling for your offering of Microsoft Direct Routing or Operator Connect

We offer support in acquiring and maintaining Polish PSTN numbers, for use with Microsoft 365 Teams calling (with the use of Direct Routing or Operator Connect). It is particularly challenging to obtain Polish PSTN numbers without specific experience in that, nor speak Polish language.

Why Lovo:

  • You need to be licensed Polish carrier to obtain PSTN numbers
  • 95% documentation is in Polish language only
  • If you do not have local expertise you need to outsource to existing carrier or law firm, the letter is more expensive and has no operational experience
  • Access to regulatory platforms requires having somebody with Polish ID or Polish bank account
  • Obligatory complex yearly reporting


  • The complete registration process; support with all the related formal and legal issues
  • Yearly obligatory reporting
  • Optionally: hosting / broadcasting of Polish numbers

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