Viva Solution Offer 2023

Managed Solution

Our goal is for our clients to adopt and implement Viva Connections. Viva provides a centralized, intranet built within Teams.

Microsoft Viva Connections, is an employee experience platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and enhancing employee communication, collaboration, and productivity. Designed to help organizations create a work environment centered around employee well-being and engagement, Viva Insights provides powerful insights into employee satisfaction and productivity levels, giving companies the data they need to make informed decisions about workplace policies and procedures. Managed Solution wants to improve collaboration within the Office 365 platform. Our target audience for this offer is already using Microsoft Teams but does not have a centralized location for users to locate documents productively. Managed Solution recommends leveraging Viva Connections to create a centralized, intranet solution built within the Microsoft Teams environment.

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