Bulgarian Localization

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Localization for Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Localization is designed to adapt Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Bulgarian legislation requirements regarding VAT regulation, Intrastat transactions, Fixed assets, Printed layouts, and Reporting.  The application consists of all the necessary features required to run your business operations in Bulgaria:

    VAT Package
      • New VAT tables to adapt the VAT section of the standard functionality to meet local legislation requirements.
      • Addition of specific document types such as Debit Memo, VAT and Regular Protocols, Customs declarations, etc.
      • VAT Ledgers - VAT Purchases/Sales ledger, Monthly VAT declaration, VIES declaration.
      • Export VAT and VIES files in a specific format.

        • Auto detecting Intrastat transactions based on Country settings.
        • Manage operations in specific Intrastat journal.
        • Export Intrastat declaration (regular, corrective) in a proper format.

            Voiding functionality
              • Easily manage wrongly posted sales and purchase documents.
              • Voiding posted documents (incl. Invoices, Debit/Credit Memos, Sales/Purchases VAT protocols).

                  Print layouts of sales documents
                  Printouts of posted sales documents: Invoice, Debit memo, Credit memo, Shipment, etc.

                  Double Bookkeeping
                  It allows you to generate reports such as "General Ledger" and "Chronological Journal".

                   Benefits of using this extension: 
                  • Flexible and preferred for implementation by foreign partners in related subsidiaries. 
                  • Helps you to meet local requirements and save time with ready-to-use documents. 
                  • The full user experience in Bulgarian language helps your employees  adopt Dynamics 365 Business Central faster, using the interface in their native language. 

                  Supported Languages:

                  This app is available in English (United States) and Bulgarian (Bulgaria).

                  Supported countries:

                  All countries, except Finland, New Zealand, Australia and the Czech Republic.

                  Supported Editions:

                  This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

                  For more information see the Bulgarian Localization brochure or get in touch with us:

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