Audit File FAIA Localization for Luxembourg

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This App enables you to be compliant with the local tax authorities’ requirements in Luxembourg.

Audit File FAIA Localization for Luxembourg is an app enabling the export of data required by the Luxemburgish tax authorities with additional specific fields and format.

Every company based in Luxembourg must be able to provide a standard audit file - tax (SAF-T, called FAIA in Luxembourg) to the tax authorities upon request. This specific Luxemburgish standard file is designed to export accounting and static data in the context of VAT audits.

The audit file needs to be an XML file which could principally be forwarded in three different structures. Nevertheless, the most complete structure (FAIA Full-Scheme) is mandatory for all businesses using an integrated software solution.

Therefore, this standard audit file for tax must not only contain ledger entries but also any other tax relevant information such as:

  • Customer data
  • Vendor data
  • Purchase invoice data including item data
  • Sales invoice data including item data
  • Stocks
  • Etc.

Available features

  • Data-extended fields to ensure that the VAT- and dimension data are compliant with FAIA requirements
  • Mapping to the standard Luxemburgish chart of accounts in case another one is used for local accounting
  • Generation of the file for the required calendar year even if the fiscal year is not a calendar year


  • Compliance with taxation laws, hence minimization of business risks
  • Export of FAIA-file for required calendar year
  • Application based on the global W1 database
  • Improved Time-to-Value as self-employment is rather complex due to the interaction of multiple departments and data sources

Supported editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Luxembourg and Germany

Supported Languages

This app is available in English (United States) and German (Germany).

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