Awara Easy Credit Note

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Awara Easy Credit Note reduces the time to cancelling wrong posted invoices

What is Awara Easy Credit Note?

Awara Easy Credit Note allows companies to reduce the time to cancelling wrong posted invoices for purchases and sales (e.g. wrong date, mistakes in quantities and amounts, etc.).

Instead of a lot of manual operations you can use just one click function that makes everything you need for cancelling this invoice. The functionality includes all needed control steps before it starts to cancel the invoice.

Intended for

All companies actively using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Mainly used by financial professionals.

Highlighted features

  • Creating the lines of credit note for wrong posted invoice
  • The process of confirmation
  • Automatic VAT correction (according to the corrected and posted amounts)


Available globally, in English only. This app can be used both for purchases invoices and for sales invoices.

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