Essential Supply Chain

Visionet Systems, Inc

Enable end to end digital transformation for your food & beverage distribution business


Food supply chains are on route for major disruption and a wave of digital transformation is hitting the industry. Food manufacturing, packaging, and distributing organizations have a need more than ever to establish direct to consumer channels and digitize & modernize their B2B processes. Organizations adopting cloud native digital platforms at a rapid pace will be able to utilize the fully connected upstream and downstream networks to achieve definite competitive advantage with higher supply chain visibility, flexibility, and resilience.

Key features & advantages:

  1. The fact that the solution has been built on most advanced and innovative platform of Microsoft Azure & Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, it leverages the full strength and potential of cloud to provide specific advantages to the business:
  2. Automated costing calculations & baseline cost definitions
  3. Rule based, configurable and adaptive fully integrated pricing engine across sales channels supporting various dynamics pricing methods driven by margin, markup, or dollar value
  4. Advanced freight rates management and landed cost accruals & settlements
  5. Advanced, faster, and intuitive order entry process purpose built for food & beverages order taking
  6. AI & deep learning based demand forecasting & inventory planning to optimize the inventory across the enterprise
  7. Industry standard supply chain & distribution management KPIs/dashboards to manage the health & performance of your supply chain operations
  8. Pre-built analytics for multi-channel commerce to enable consumer behavior, sales performance & profitability analysis
  9. Ability to run offline handheld app for safe & secure order taking on the go
  10. Complete traceability of the products and inventory and visibility into the suppliers and customers supply chains through partner collaboration
  11. Monitor and control the inbound and outbound distribution & transportation via deeper integration into freight forwarders, carriers, and logistics partners
  12. Pre-defined EDI transactions for orders, advanced ship notifications, invoicing, and catalog management

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