Metals Module for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain


Metals Module provides for Common Features all Metals Manufacturing, and Service Centers Require.

Alongside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is the Winfosoft Metals Module, which includes the following features:

    • Metal specifications: View and define the characteristics of your metal, from its physical and mechanical content to its chemical makeup, with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can also set specifications based on a customer, item or default profile.


    • Quality tests: Use your metal specifications to ensure the quality of your product. Quality tests rely on physical, chemistry and mechanical properties. You can conduct quality tests during routing operations in production or at the receipt of a purchase order. Quality tests are inherited for a series of tags.


    • Tag master: Print your production order receipt, order split and order reject, as well as your sales order shipment, with the Winfosoft Metals Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your included tag number is also easy to trace, whether you need your heat number, quality test results, vendor and customer name, or production and sales order numbers.


    • Production orders: Streamline your production orders for metals by managing them with ease through our ERP solution. Here, you can reject processing, split production order capabilities, regrade rejected tags and even split tags during production. Our solution also provides you with improved scrap and order traveler reporting. Plus, you can use tags for shop-floor updates.


    • Production runs: Make building production runs hassle-free with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Winfosoft. Our integrated solution organizes production variances by their features and gives you the tools to plan and schedule production runs by like-item attributes for a streamlined production line.


  • Sales orders: Process orders faster, without a loss of accuracy. In the sales order line, you’ll find item specifications designated by the customer, with the option to modify any defaults you have for each item. You can also adjust for changes in the pricing of metals at either the date of shipment or the time of sale.


With these features, you will drive improved productivity, accuracy and efficiency at your facility.

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