D365 Data Quality

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Classify, track & remediate data quality issues with an easy-to-deploy application built for D365.

Poor data quality flowing within and/or between your CRM and ERP applications has the capability to not only hamper customer relationships but derail internal processes dependent on accurate information. Ensuring that data is governed, trusted, and actionable should be top of mind for enterprises truly looking to maximize their ROI for Dynamics 365 (D365).

Key Solution Capabilities

D365 Data Quality extends the natural capability of your D365 platform by providing visibility into your data quality and the controls to improve it. The solution ensures data issues are captured as the data is being entered allowing immediate correction. Data stewards are provided with the tools they need to provide a trusted source of customer data for your entire organization.

Data Quality Classification Of Records

Instantly validate your data quality as you input, import or update existing records. Based on rules, your records will automatically be classified as “Valid, Warning, or Error,” highlighting where intervention is needed.

Data Quality Dashboard

Data Stewards receive an aggregated view of your data quality for all key master entities with the ability to drill down and review specific issues. 

Data Quality Issue Remediation

Evaluate records and their key fields influencing “Warning” or “Error” classifications. Jump directly to data entry to correct issues or override rules to classify records as “Valid.”

Business user alert

Receive automated alerts for immediate data quality intervention. 

Data quality rules configurability

Configure the rules to fit your Data Governance needs. Turn rules on or off, or modify their severity or descriptions.   


Microsoft Native Solutioning

Adastra’s D365 Data Quality solution integrates seamlessly with D365 by leveraging native Microsoft technology, including Power Apps, Power Automate and common data services. 

Easy To Deploy and Use

D365 Data Quality is a plug-in to your existing D365 solution and does not require additional servers, thus minimizing the impact to your infrastructure.  

About Adastra

Adastra is Microsoft’s 2020 Commercial Impact Award recipient and Go-to Partner for Data and AI Driven Digital Transformation.

Since 2000, Adastra has been helping global organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational excellence, and create unforgettable customer experiences, all with the power of their data. By providing cutting-edge services and solutions, Adastra helps enterprises leverage data that they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world.

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