Arbela Revenue Planner

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Run truly accurate sales forecasting reports based on actual revenue pulled from multiple systems

Sales forecasting only takes you so far.

If you’re dealing with multi-stage, installment based, variable-reliant, extended-duration projects or programs, the sales close date does not usually reflect when you’ll receive payment, which means decisions are often based only on “expected sales,” an impractical and imprecise approach.

A safer, more effective strategy is using revenue planning as your estimating foundation — and Arbela Revenue Planner as your application extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales functionality.

Rather than focus exclusively on the sales data in your CRM system, Revenue Planner enables you to draw from myriad data sources to create the most accurate picture possible of potential revenue.

Evolve the forecasting of your business with the ability to:
  • Track planned, booked, and actual revenue from a variety of sources
  • Relate revenue to accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Copy or split revenue over one-to-many time intervals
  • Group and aggregate revenue by user-defined categories
  • Create related revenue in bulk from the form command bar
  • Compare revenue by date, type, and category
  • View monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue trends

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