Voice services integration component for Microsoft Dynamics 365 supporting CIFv1 and CIFv2

Description of the offer

BeneVoice for Dynamics 365 embeds modern voice and customer center functionalities into customer data in Microsoft Dynamics 365, removing complex boundaries between isolated environments. The solution improves customer experience and workforce efficiency by having all customer data and customer service tools in one place. 

•The solution provides a complete customer 360° view with data from all calls, including calls handled with mobile phones or MS Teams.
•The solution works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Omni-Channel framework enabling agents to work in a modern UI for all channels
•The solution entails Rich Call Recording functionalities with pause and resume controls

•The solution is easy to use and intuitive to learn

Type of user that benefits from the offer
•Companies utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 e.g. for Sales, marketing or Customer Service.
•Companies looking for an omni-channel customer service solution or efficient telephony tools for their Sales or Customer Service teams.

Customer need or pain that the offer addresses
The solution addresses the following areas:

Customer experience
Increases customer experience by enabling the personalization of the customer interaction by having full 360° customer view

Fully cloud based solution, no desktop or client installations or software required

Employee experience
Increases employee experience by minimizing manual work and maximizing automation

Improved decision making
The solution will give an in-depth understanding to all of the voice interactions between the company and the customers

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