Springboard Accelerate

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Accelerate, streamline, transform your business with Sales app optimised for you

Support your growing business with a scalable platform for growth built on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform. Secure, affordable and flexible, Springboard Accelerator is optimised for SMEs in general and Professional Services companies in particular.
Stay on top of increasing demand from your existing customers without neglecting new Leads and Opportunities.  
Go beyond checking email trails to see what has been happening with customers with the integrated timeline showing all interactions with them by your colleagues.  
Reflect on business growth  and plan your marketing more effectively with real time data from interactive Dashboards built on the data within your solution.
Utilise best business practice with business process flow bars to guide and inform all members of your team.
Connect your sales process from Lead to Opportunity, create Quotes, Orders and Invoices from within the same platform and release yourself and your company from spreadsheet overload
Simply add more licenced users as your business grows.

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