Easily store EntityImages in order to enhance the User Experience.

ImgFindr enables your employees working with Dynamics365 to easily store Entity Images. Using Entity Images in the classical way ensures that records can be easily identified without reading any field values. By storing an entity image all users will get a visual picture of the Account they are dealing with.

Let´s assume you work wit several accounts. Normally all Accounts will have the default image associated.

By using the Entity Images all users in the system might recognize the Account without having to read detail data (normally a well-known company might be recognizable by their logo).

Those entity images can also be reused when sending Quotes or Reports out of the system in order to improve the Look and Feel of your documents generated.

ImgFindr helps you to store pictures directly from the internet. Using Entity Images without ImgFindr is very time consuming and inefficent as you would have to download the logo to your device first and then manually upload it to the system by clicking the default entity image.

By using ImgFindr you will be able to directly search the internet and save the chosen picture to your entity. Furthermore it is possible to configure the solution in order to be able to directly search by values of fields maintained in your entity (e.g. searching by City, Street, Account Name, Homepage,...).

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