Duplicate Detection Addon for Dynamics 365

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Increase & maintain data quality by capturing and preventing duplicates in Dynamics 365

Microsoft Preferred add-on for Dynamics 365

Every Dynamics 365 system will benefit from this add-on.
Say goodbye to the default duplicate detection limitations and welcome to clean data in CRM.


Increase revenue. Reliable and cleansed data supports effective decisions that help drive sales.
Save money. Up-to-date and accurate data can help prevent wasting money on ineffective tactics.
Improve customer satisfaction. Accurate and current data will deliver the right messages at the right time.
Save time. Properly governed data should require less time and money to remediate.
Improve ROI. The aforementioned reduction in data remediation costs will result in a greater return on investment on data assets.

Key features:

Increase data quality, prevent users or integrations from creating duplicates on all entities.
Realtime Duplicate Detection helps your business capture duplicates before they get created.
Deduplication or merge of data on all entities
Get overview of current duplicated data by running built-in reports
Advanced two-word matching features
Define advanced duplicate rules without any limitations
Bulk merge existing duplicates. Define own merge rules across entities.
Schedule bulk detection and bulk merge to run in background
Based on predefined rules, merge any number of records on any entity with just one click
Fully integrated into Dynamics 365
No access to your data in any way. Everything is kept locally
No API development required

Latest updates:

  • Supports Unified Interface
  • Customize which fields are available for manual merge
  • Dynamic duplicate notification before saving the record
  • Manual Merge records of your own choice
  • Multi record merge by mixing and matching attributes manually from multiple duplicate records
  • Stronger background service capabilities such as scheduling multiple jobs
  • Background service can now be deployed on customers own Azure environment

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