This is RapidStart CRM Referral!

RapidStart CRM Referral. A Simple CRM, Powered by and Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), that you can never outgrow.

For customers of any size, who are apprehensive about Microsoft Business Applications, due to cost, time or perceived complexity, RapidStart CRM Referral is an excellent path to start your journey.

What is RapidStart CRM Referral?

The basic features you need to get started quickly, inexpensively and successfully, with Microsoft Business Applications, for a Referrals focused Business Model. RapidStart CRM is Certified for Dynamics 365 and is the #1 Packaged Deployment offering since 2015. RapidStart CRM was the first end-to-end Simplified CRM Application built entirely on the Common Data Service, utilizing the new Unified Interface.


  • Prospects, Contacts and Companies Management
  • Referral Opportunities Management
  • Referral Tracking
  • Transaction History and Trending
  • Simple Visit Creation and Tracking
  • Easy Case Management
  • Record Hashtagging

Why would you choose RapidStart CRM Referral?

  • RapidStartCRM has been re-imagined on the Power Platform based on feedback from hundreds of users.
  • RapidStartCRM can be customized and extended to meet your needs.
  • RapidStartCRM was purposefully designed to be easy to learn and adopt.
  • RapidStartCRM offers several low-cost Addons, each designed with the same "RapidStart" philosophy.
  • RapidStartCRM can be upgraded to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Apps with no migration required.

What countries does RapidStart CRM support?

All of our RapidStartCRM apps are available globally.


RapidStartCRM Referral is now Free!

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