MazikEd Student Success

Mazik Global Inc.

A tool for hassle-free student scheduling, their activities and engagement

Mazik-Ed Student Success is built on Microsoft’s Higher Education Common Data Service, which can provide a full student 360 personalized experience. It is unique from other student management application products since it also contains a faculty 360 view in CRM to manage the success of the institution and its students. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure predictive analytics, and machine learning, MazikEd Student Success brings together a 360° view of each student’s journey to provide insights for personalized student achievement strategies. This student engagement tool decreases dropout rates, triggers early intervention, and primes students for college. MazikEd Student Success provides the following: - Dropout Prevention & Early Intervention through Case Management - Student Engagement timeline - Automated reminders, follow-up, notifications, and student alerts based on student and faculty data - Easy tracking and reporting of student activities
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