MazikEd-Special Abilities

Mazik Global Inc.

A solution for students with special abilities

As education providers become increasingly inundated with special abilities students seeking their behavior assessments, Mazik Global has created an app-based solution that easily brings student behavior assessment anywhere. That helps teachers and organizations quickly understand student behavior and provide them personalized care & education which suits their behavior.
Leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps, Mazik Global created a Special Abilities Assessment solution on the PowerApps that supports the following:

a. Configure 3 student behavior assessments.
b. Ability for teachers to capture student behavior for each assessment.
c. Ability to capture student behavior at different locations.
d. Dashboard giving in-depth behavior assessments captured for entire classroom or an individual student.
e. Canvas App for teachers to capture assessment based on student behavior.
This solution is highly configurable and ready to deploy in 2-3 days with minimal training and no overhead.
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