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Time duration calculation between two events on the custom configuration

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Brief Description:
Timeline Accelerator enables CRM administrators to configure a custom Process Flow, which tracks the duration gap between specific events. This tracked data helps in finding out delays in the process completion. The tracked event data is shown in form of visual charts therefore makeing the analysis more intuitive and easy.

  • 1. Easy to Configure.
  • 2. Find out delays in process quickly.
  • 3. Track multiple processes together.
  • 4. Background processing of event tracking so no impact of CRM performance.

  • 1. Provides visual reports, in form of charts, for the configured processes.
  • 2. Can be configured for same entity or between any two related entities.
  • 3. Charts are available on Dashboard and on inidividual records for which events was tracked.
  • 4. Multiple events can be configured for same entity

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