Sales Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Sales

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Quickly deploy Dynamics 365 Sales using this base build, preloaded with popular phase one requests.

Preact's Sales Accelerator is our prebuild of Dynamics 365 Sales that shrinks project timelines and costs. Use this to complete the fastest, most comprehensive rollout of Dynamics 365, preloaded with the most popular phase one requests from the last 10 years.

This is designed for SMB sales teams that want to make a swift transition to Dynamics 365. Built on Dynamics 365 Sales, the Accelerator includes customisations, controls, and add-ons from our solutions catalogue. User adoption is made easier by removing unnecessary complexity. With streamlined forms, intuitive controls and fields, as well as customised views, time is saved when searching and adding data.

Meet your deadlines by getting up and running with Dynamics 365 with a comprehensive deployment, in the quickest time, and for the lowest possible cost.

Quick Wins
Complete a rapid rollout of Dynamics 365 that focuses on your top sales priorities.

Rapid User Adoption
Use our template with prebuilt solutions that makes the lives of sales teams easier.

Lower CRM Risk
Minimal custom build means that complexity and upfront cost is controlled.

Fully Extensible
Easily switch on / off individual solutions, as required and make customisations at any time

Available at no extra cost with Preact's Managed Service.

Our Managed Service provides continued free usage of all the solutions contained in the Accelerator for each user. Additional Managed Service resources include user support, technical consultancy, and access to our Dynamics eLearning Academy.

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