Recruit Command

PrenticeWorx llc

ATS and CRM platform for direct placement, executive search, and contract and temp staffing.

Product Vision

The vision for Recruit Command is to provide an affordable ATS and CRM platform with streamlined functionality for candidate qualification and matching processes for clients of recruiting and staffing firms as well as internal HR departments. 

Recruit Command Key Features

Recruit & Candidate Management: Process new recruits. Submit and track screened candidates from any desktop browser or mobile device. Monitor client interview progress and manage placements when needed. Easily collaborate with teammates to ensure all bases are covered for your talent and job order inventory.

Sales & Account Management: Improve efficiency by managing leads, conversions, clients, and jobs through a single interface. Link notes, job descriptions, and supporting documents to client profiles. Post job openings to your website, social presence, and recruiting affiliates with fewer clicks.

Resume Management: Parsing options eliminate manual data entry and other labor-intensive resume management tasks. Quickly identify duplicates or update existing candidate records. Search, edit, attach and submit resumes using built-in automation and tools. Easily store and maintain resumes in multiple formats.

SendOut Management: Use streamlined workflows to submit candidates, schedule interviews, add notes and feedback, and keep candidates and clients updated on recruitment process. Define information and workflows according to your firm’s needs. Easily track candidate’s interview journey with our unique talent funnel system.

Reporting: Use dashboards and reports to monitor performance in real-time and identify opportunities for improving sales and recruitment. Analyze sales, recruiting activity and trends and monitor how your actions affect performance and talent behavior. Clearly see where you are in relation to your goals.

Powerful Search: Easily search your all data using the powerful relevancy and category search features. Locate and quickly contact active and dormant talent, as well as, the hottest leads and current job openings.

Email: Recruit Command has the ability to track all emails from clients, leads, recruits and candidates and connect them to the relevant records within Recruit Command. These functions are fully integrated with Exchange and Outlook.

Calendar: Any appointments and tasks created in Recruit Command will be synchronized with Exchange and display on a user’s Outlook calendar.

Support: Recruit Command offers basic support and training as part of your monthly subscription

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