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SIC lets you easily and objectively qualify your sales opportunities and manage them intelligently.

NUTBASER Sales Intelligence Cockpit  is a tool to easily and intelligently qualify and manage sales opportunities. You are simply guided by 8 criteria to describe the current situation of the opportunity. By focusing on clear results and facts, this analysis is highly objective. The calculation of the probability is thus based on objective information instead of the typical, insignificant stage in which the opportunity has been classified. Intelligent evaluations provide you with a current and highly reliable forecast.

NUTBASER Sales Intelligence Cockpit provides you with … 
  • Overview in the cockpit 
  • Transparency: all decision-relevant information at a glance 
  • The essential “MORE” of information: 
    • Opportunity health, how does it look like?
    • Where is your shortage? 
    • What to do in order to win? 
  • real knowledge: What is the status of the opportunity? 
  • Insight: What is the quality of the opportunity? 
  • Overview Which factors are influencing the success/failure of an opportunity?

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