View all attachments from emails as well as notes for a particular record

Zap Attachment Viewer App offers a consolidated view of all attachments in emails as well as notes for a particular record.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/ Power Apps, you can upload files to notes (one attachment per note can be attached) section of any record. Further, you can also track sent and received emails to the record (lead / case or any other entity) which may also have attachments.

Now in-order to view / access attachments, below are the typical steps you would follow:
  1. From within the entity form, open a particular email record(in Dynamics 365 CE/ Power Apps)
  2. Scroll to the attachments area
  3. Click to open the attachment record
  4. Finally click to download the attachment
Repeat the above steps through all the tracked emails (or linked notes) until you can find the attachment that you are looking for…

This is such a waste of precious time which your sales team could have utilized for selling or your support team for offering better customer service.

Here Zap Attachment Viewer App can help…

You can add "Attachment Viewer" section to any entity form!

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