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Automatically builds a printable security-trimmed Site Collection Map for touch-friendly navigation.

SiteMap Tiles Add-in by SmartData provides a quick and easy way of organizing and navigating site collections in a visual, printable, and touch-friendly format.

Get to know your SharePoint site. The SiteMap Tiles Add-in is an organizational tool that uses the Search Index to automatically generate a printable site map which can be used to provide security trimmed navigation on up to 500 sites within a site collection. Can be used for Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint 2013 or 2016. One license is all that is required across your entire Tenant. Use as many times as you like within one Tenant in as many locations as you like. Once the Add-in is installed, you simply add it to a page.

Key Features:

• Add-in uses the Search Index to generate the most recent version of the Site Map and automatically updates the display each time the page is rendered. Can be used to display up to 500 sites. be installed at the site collection root level or any subsite level to show that site and all sites below it.

• You can use this Add-in with confidence that your security settings will be retained. Add-in uses Search security trimming and will only display sites where the current user has a minimum of ‘View’ permission level.

• SiteMap Tiles removes the tile when a site is deleted or if the user no longer has permission to access, based on Search crawl frequency.

• The Site Map display may be printed by the current user by selecting the ‘Print’ icon shown on the page.

• The number of Tiles printed on each row will adjust according to the paper width used.

• Can be used to print a poster-sized diagram of an entire site collection or any subset.

• The Site Map display provides ‘Touch-friendly’ Tile images as navigation by providing hyperlinks to the sites that are shown.

• Larger, visually distinctive tiles make navigating sub-sites much easier on mobile and touch-based devices.

• Gives Site Usage Information. Hover over a Tile image to display the ‘Last Modified Date’ of that subsite. This feature is useful in identifying subsites within a site collection where content is no longer being edited, especially handy when planning an upgrade. (NOTE: Updates every day with Search Crawl.)

• The Add-in is automated, simple to set up, and can be deployed on a site collection in a single five-minute installation. It can be uninstalled just as easily.

• Use the tile images provided in the Add-in or easily upload your own.

Technical Details:

• Print feature automatically adjusts number of tiles per row based on page width, can be printed up to poster size.

• Displays up to 500 site levels as clickable tiles with navigation to the site.

• Mobile-view typically displays 5-tiles wide then wraps to display the remaining tiles for each site level.

• Can use images included or upload your own images for tiles: Recommended image size is 150px wide by 100px high in any standard image file format. Tile Image Library access is security trimmed so edit images icon only shows for those with permission.

• Compatible with SharePoint 2013 or 2016 On-Premises or Office 365.

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