CloudExtend for NetSuite Data Management

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Retrieve, update, add and delete NetSuite data in real-time from Excel

The Celigo CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite (formerly SmartClient for NetSuite) provides a seamless integration between Microsoft Excel and NetSuite, allowing users to access and change NetSuite data directly from within Excel in real-time

CloudExtend for NetSuite uses templates to show only the fields you want to see, whether they are drop-down lists or free-form text. Building a template takes just minutes, and they can be reused to show results for different searches.

Celigo CloudExtend offers powerful data management support

  • Update multiple NetSuite records within seconds
  • Upload and download data with just one click within Excel
  • Use Excel functions for data manipulations, calculations or analyses

  • Provides real-time error messages and validations that CSV Import cannot do
  • Real-time look-ups for fields during data entry

Accessing CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite is free to install. CloudExtend requires a yearly subscription after 14 days of trial.

Pricing Details:

14-Day Free Trial.

$75/user/month[Annual Commitment] for the CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Personal Edition, after free trial period.

CloudExtend add-in works on latest version of Chrome, Firefox and IE 10 & above browsers.

Requires Microsoft Excel 2016.

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