Anomaly Server

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Identify and quantify anomalies and outliers in Excel with one click.

Anomaly Server makes it easy to identify and quantify anomalies and outliers in Excel.

Anomaly Server is for anyone who wants to quickly identify and understand what, if anything, is unusual about the data they work with.

Maybe there is a hidden opportunity, risk, error, or something more sinister hiding just beneath the surface of your data?

Such questions have until now typically required a data scientist and days of coding to answer. With Anomaly Server anyone using Microsoft Excel can employ the advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to answer these questions with the click of a button.

Start reaping the business benefits of multi-dimensional anomaly detection and outlier detection immediately.

Core Benefits:

  • Simple to use: Just select your data and click the button.
  • Works on multi-dimensional data: The anomaly score is calculated for each row in the selection.
  • No setup, training or coding required.

Please note that you will need to create an Anomaly Server account before you use this add-in. You can create a FREE account directly from the add-in.

The FREE plan supports calculations on up to 2000 cells at a time and a total of 500,000 cells per month.

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