Statistical Unit Counts Creator for Financial Edge

argitaratzailea: Blackbaud, Inc.

Create new statistical units (non-financial) counts in Financial Edge NXT via Excel.

Financial Edge NXT continually aims to empower its users to spend less time in the office and more time on their mission. Use the Statistical Unit Count Creator for Financial Edge NXT to dramatically speed up the process of adding non-financial counts that you can use in complex accounting reporting and expense allocations. You can enter unit count details such as projects, grants, and transaction codes in an Excel spreadsheet that is customized with the fields for your organization. After you submit the unit count, you can use it in analytics, and also use it to proportionally allocate expenses by unit values with the optional Allocations capability.

Add-in capabilities:

When this add-in is used, it

• Can send data over the internet

• This add-in can access setup data from your financial accounting application. It can modify non-financial accounting information such as unit counts. Transactions in your financial accounting application can't be read or modified.

NOTE: This add-on can only be used by existing Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT customers. To learn more about Blackbaud’s premier fund accounting solution for nonprofits, visit

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