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Implement business logic on list views by defining powerful actions executed just by a click.

With skybow List Actions for M365/SharePoint and MS Lists you can implement business logic on buttons and define powerful actions executed just by a click.

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Seamlessly integrated into the command bar
  • Define execution condition on each action
  • Define visibility based on user and status of your process
  • Serial execution of multiple actions
  • Define an action link icon to make it more user friendly

Predefined action types

  • Add List Item
  • Update List Item
  • Delete List Item
  • Get Items
  • Execute Script
  • HTTP Request
  • Send Mail
  • Upload Document
  • Copy Document
  • Move Document
  • Create Folder
  • Copy Folder
  • Generate Document (Premium Action)
  • Open List Form
  • Open Web Page
  • Reload
  • Show Message
  • Start Workflow

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skybow believes in – and develops - a no-code platform that don’t ask you to compromise when building, managing and selling business apps, processes and forms for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 & SharePoint.

More than 300 organizations across 40+ countries trust skybow to build no-code/no-compromise business applications & processes, and skybow’s community of customers, partners, and experts grows every day.

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