List Wizard

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Manage your SharePoint List more efficiently, help you out from the countless clicks.

List Wizard could make your life with SharePoint easier by providing you a set of powerful but easy to use features. It will help you out from the countless settings options and save your time from going back and forth at the List Settings page.

Create a SharePoint List with more options:

1. Set Default View Type (Standard or Datasheet)

2. Set "Quick Launch"

3. Enable "New Folder"

4. Enable "Content Type Management"

5. Set Default Content Type and create a default View from it

6. Create many lists without leaving List Wizard's page

7. Embedded "Help" page

8. Live video and document on the author's web site.

More features will come with the later releases.

You must have IE9 or higher version IE or equivalent browser to use List Wizard. IE8 is not supported.

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