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Adds a ribbon button in lists that allows the users to import data from a CSV file

Import data into existing lists!

By installing this add-in you can easily import a standard CSV formatted file into an existing list.

CSV stands for comma separated values and looks like this:


David,1 Street,12345,VA

Our add-in supports either comma or semicolon separators by a simple selection.

How to get started!

1. Install the add-in!

2. Prepare the CSV file by putting your list columns (internal names) as headers and the data undernearth.

3. After installing the app simply go to the list you want to import data to.

4. Click the Import CSV Data section of the ribbon.

5. Click Browse to find your CSV file.

6. The file details should now be displayed. To ensure the separator is correct click Preview and validate the data.

7. Click Import to add the data to the list!


The HTML5 APIs used in this form are only available in the following browsers:

- Google Chrome: 13.0 or later

- Mozilla Firefox: 6.0 or later

- Internet Explorer: 10 or later

- Safari: Not supported

- Opera: Not supported


If you have any problems with the application or if you have any feedback or request please reach out on the Contact page.

Privacy Statement

We do not collet any user data

No personal information is stored, distributed or disclosed by the application.

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