Ruler Classroom - Assignments

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Create student assignments and distribute work, with fully automated classes using School Data Sync

Free to use for 30 days, with an option to subscribe to a pay-as-you-go licence.


  • Create and manage class and homework assignments in Office 365
  • Automated classes from Microsoft’s School Data Sync “SDS”
  • Instantly create assignments for a class, group or students
  • Include links to URL’s, OneDrive files and SharePoint sites
  • Students can submit online or offline
  • Return submitted work back to students
  • Monitor and review documents remotely at any stage
  • Add grades and feedback comments
  • Cover option for illness, training and monitoring
  • Designated access for SLT and Heads
  • Management reporting

File Manager

  • See student OneDrive document activity remotely
  • Instantly create and distribute documents to student OneDrive’s
  • Pre-populate office documents with student data
  • Copy and distribute existing documents
  • Create student folders and sub-folders

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